Ten Years with Veronica

This is what love looks like to a male college student

Ten years ago two of my friends, Jason Connors and Justin Buck (two people that I only became friends with recently before this  after I forced my way into their room, declaring that I also liked video games and anime, and we should be best friends always), noticed that I clearly did not do well being single and invited me over to their dorm room to watch a movie.  Little did I know that they also invited one of the most attractive, wonderful, and witty people I had ever met as well.  After doing my best to flirt with her for the next couple of weeks she sent me a rose box filled with beer.  I asked her to go out with me.

About a week later she pointed out that I had asked her out on Valentine’s Day, a fact that until that moment I was not aware of.  In my defense I was male and in college.  In her defense, mainly of my bad timing, she was a florist and would forever know the day that we started dating as her busiest day of the year. Oddly as time passed she found her way back to flowers and managed to make it an even busier event for herself.  Clearly the past will not let me catch a break on my terrible timing.

AKA "Meals for lonely single men"

Later that night, in an effort to ask her out and win her over, I offered to make her dinner out of something referred to as “meal in a box”, something that I was impressed with making and have since been knocked for it being simple enough that children are able to do it.  Veronica has long since called this the only time that I have cooked for her, which for the record is not true.  Today she told me something that might explain her selective memory on this, mainly that chicken and dumplings—the first meal I cooked—is her favorite thing ever, aside from anything my father cooks.  Interesting that I am finding out just how smooth and cool past Dan was.  I guess that is good because I mainly blame that guy for being a jerk.

In the last ten years we have changed a little, she thinks it is sexy when I do a quick load of laundry and I REALLY enjoy naps (ok, that one is the same), but I would like to think that I love her more today than any time that I did in college.

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