Jinxy in our Lives

See how upset I am.

For those of you who may have missed the series of escalating announcements on Facebook, email, Twitter, and I am pretty sure Veronica driving by everyone’s homes and screaming out the passenger side of a moving car, we now own a home.  For me this is a good thing as I now have a place that I can keep my stuff and not worry about the landlord judging me when they need to let themselves in to fix the AC.  Veronica, on the other hand, this means that we can start gathering creatures as if our house is some kind of ark where only the most adorable of animals are allowed in.  If you can follow this loose thread that basically means that the moment they handed us the keys, instead of going in like a normal person, she drove to the nearest animal shelter demanding to be shown kittens.

There are some interesting facts about cats and I that I think I should point out.  The first and most pertinent is that I am highly allergic to their dander in any form; that basically makes kittens a targeted sneeze missile that sleeps directly on my face.  The second would be that I was not involved in this choice in the slightest, which I am quickly learning is a new trait that Veronica has procured along our lives together.  It isn’t even that she made the call to get the cat, but instead that she went to pick one up without even considering having me stay in the car while she picked on out.  Truthfully the only thing that upsets me is the fact that she understands me well enough to make the perfect call on all these occasions.  It is rather frustrating.

For the record Hermione's cat's name is Crookshanks

Pretty much every moment gaining access to the cat has been memorable, down to naming it.  On the way home Veronica called and said that she was going to name it Hermione, which I thought was a stupid name for a cat as she would probably not be marrying a Weasley or be lecturing anyone on the proper use of mandrake root anytime soon.  My mother, who was there to help us move and unpack, on the other hand instantly chimed in saying that if we were going down that road the name should definitely be Jinxy as that was Hermione’s cat’s name.  For those of you versed in the Harry Potter universe you may have already spotted the problem, mainly that there is no character in any of the books J.K. Rowling has ever written with that name.

It doesn’t matter, as the name seems to fit her and since she now responds to it—as much as a cat does—we are not going to attempt to change it.

In this family, nap time is the best time.

Also I am sorry for not updating for a year.  Here is a picture of her sleeping to make up for it.

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