Was just forced to sit through one really long, boobless, chick-flick movie.

Overboard, the movie

“Overboard” is a movie about a rich women that loses her memory, is picked up as one of her former employees, and is then told that she is his wife.  After a series of mishaps that could pretty much be chalked up to “me not caring at all” or “didn’t see that one coming” the couple starts to fall in love as the woman slowly becomes accustomed to being a housewife and a stay at home mom.  Most of this can be chalked up to mid- to late eighties mentality that people were all just good and that the only thing that they needed is to see how the other half lived.

The movie itself suffers from a complete lack of noteable writing, a poor cast, several random things happening all at once that seem to have nothing to do with one another, and a set that only serves to remind you that a montage can fix anything (things just do move fast in a montage).

The best parts of the movie have solely to do with how quickly every single challenge is both presented and over come.  Woman in hospital = give her to the first man that comes in to claim her.  Buddy is going to mental hospital to pick up new crazy wife = friend knowing what he is doing just on the end of a single news report.  Terrible teacher who only seems to be teaching one class of eight, ages 6-20 can be quickly overcome by pointing out that she clearly has no idea what the children in her class are doing and that all tests are flawed because all children just need tough love.

But a movie cannot be called “forgetful” unless you have an ending that just doesn’t know when to end.  25 minutes and one commerical break away from the movie stopping the story arch has fully swung over all points that should be covered.  It seems that since romance movies are the only ones that can keep you hanging on just to make sure that everyone knows this love is for reals, yo.  Every other movie in existence has the ability to just shoot someone and end.