Pig Roast 2017

Stark, as you can see, was very much not happy much of the time

Normally there are loads of images and stories that I can regale the world with when I walk away from the pig roast.  This year was slightly different in the fact that it was difficult to take pictures during, mainly because it would have been a terrible to take out any form of electronic device in that level of continuous downpour.  Partly because the rain clouds stole the sun from us and kept away what little heat we could have managed to gather that day.  So even under the best case, fingers were cold and fine movement was difficult. Grand generalizations were welcome.

In the end, nothing matters, besides family, pork, and Mona rolls.

But there is one simple truth, that sometimes it is hard to see during a difficult pig roast, but I honestly always feel;  I would rather be at a bad pig roast than doing almost anything else.  And I would trade almost any day of the year for another day of pig roast; always.  Family and friends who haven’t seen each other for almost a year (if not longer), good food, and a great weekend of adventure around my childhood home.

Also, after years we can officially say that we always hold it.  Come rain or shine.

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  • Nice, Dan. Thank you for this, sincerely. It encourages me to start planning next year. Still, I could do without the rain, although it brings out the toughest of us.