Last Day at Best Buy

*Just a side note before this begins, this is all a letter to someone I wrote at work after my “senior” (title give to a person who has very little leadership responsibilities but can still tell you to do stuff) said he couldn’t possibly help a customer because he was writing a letter (This is while I just helped the last three people and was trying to fix computers so it didn’t hurt our turn time).  I responded with “are you fucking serious?” About 30 minutes after this letter was writing I was told I didn’t have to finish my last two days and could go home (mainly because I was really pissed and was sure that said leadership person bitched about not wanting me there or something).*

So it turns out that since Brian the guy who got promoted above me complains constantly about things to management, and seeing as how he can’t allow anyone else to get ahead of him, he decided that he was going to bitch to the management until they agreed that I should not allow to take my vacation time after I leave. Mind you, this is something that the General Manager agreed that I should be allowed to take, and already gave the green light to (Interestingly enough Brian said person used to be a really good friend and would come over to my apartment and hang out all the time until he received the promotion). Needless to say regardless of how pissed off I am I’m not heard.

Since Brian he got out of helping a customer today because he was writing an email I have decided that the rest of my day should be spent writing emails to and from people, just to make sure that I waste as much of the corporate dollar that I can. What I think I will be doing for the rest of the day is trying to get other jobs at other places, maybe even seeing if I can land some kind of crazy grant that I can milk for everything that I humanly can.

This isn’t to say that this job didn’t have its perks. The customers yelling at me because they have forgotten that they were given the choice of having antivirus/antispyware installed on their computer. They forget that they chose not to take the extended service plan. When they come in with a hammer in their computer and it is infested with viruses they expect us to fix what they did to it. I don’t really know one service plan that covers “deliberate acts of violence towards unit”. If you do find one I am buying everything that I could ever want at that store, and then I am walking out and smashing it on the floor. Not because I think they are morons, because I like smashing things the most when I know that they will be replaced with something for no extra charge to myself.

Now that this is a fluid train of thought that has nothing to do with anything, when did “how are you” turn into a ten minute conversation about shit I really don’t care about? How is that when people have a question that should only really be answered by you they go to three other people and manage to not get an answer? These are all your standard work questions that people should be asking and getting annoyed about, yet they aren’t. It isn’t so much what is wrong with America at this point, but what is so wrong with people that when they go to work they simply don’t care what is happening as long as something does, they are given the chance to advance (whether or not they get said chance), and no one sticks anything up there ass. I just threw in the last one because I thought that three sounds like a much rounder, firmer, funnier number then two does. I believe I have wasted about 20 minutes doing nothing and showing interest in nothing that is happening at the store.

I have to be honest, I haven’t really been mentally here for the last couple of days and it is going to go downhill before anything starts to get better.

I have a fucking college degree. I don’t need these people to be treating me like shit and telling me that my opinion doesn’t matter because someone who is younger, less educated, and worse at his job goes to them first to nark me out for something that just didn’t happen the way that he says it does. I really fucking hope that they write me up over some of this shit that is going on. I would love that.