24 hours, no internet

At some point during the day someone decided that they needed to cut a cable that ran from here to Albany.  That might not sound like much but it managed to black out 15000 people from both cable and internet.  This kept me from both World of Warcraft and any form of research I was going to attempt to do for any of the paying projects today.

So what did I manage to do?

Read comic books.  You can never pass up a chance to read the newest Heavy Metal (even though the recent string of “core story” comics has been pretty disappointing), or just catch up on what the hell is happening in the new Marvel universe (I am getting a little tired of these “summer events” that start in May and last until February).  Over all that was kind of productive.

Write some of the less publically known, yet paying, jobs. Yes, I took in some work writing letters for some people.  Can’t really complain though, made 50 bucks in an hour and a half.

Get totally stuck in Final Fantasy 5. Borrowed the remake from a friend of mine and got stuck roughly 1/3 of the way through the game.  There are a lot of times in the game that it doesn’t really tell you where to go next, but it just kind of wants you to go anywhere you can manage and do everything, then try again.  This gets kind of annoying when you start to gain the ablity to travel the world.

Not watch TV.

Well, here is to having internet back.

And for all of you out there who keep posting spam on my blog: Thank you for noticing that I am here.