Podcast, almost


So one of my great plans recently has been to start a podcast with a couple of people. Nothing special, just a couple of us sitting around and talking about everything that is totally geeky in our lives. Things have just never seemed to work out for us.

Tonight I finally get what seems like a friend of mine to sit down for half an hour to do one. Problem is that there is terrible reverb and everything that I saw has this amazingly bad echo to it. Nothing that I can really do besides just play along and hope that it doesn’t turn out in the recording.

Problem is it did. So we scrapped the entire thing and are planning on doing it tomorrow. Who knows, maybe one day I will just figure out how this computer thing works. Maybe.

I have been getting more and more people saying more and more things about the Doodlebops then anything else that I have said. This is how I reply. I give you what you want.

I guess that it is totally cool in some states for a rock band made of only people who freak young children out to dance while vehicles are in motion, but break dancing kind of seems out of hand. Also, when the bus drive comes back to start dancing with them, who is driving?

Total aside: It is really hard to edit the code for wordpress.