Heroes Monday and a Writing Contest

Another Heroes Monday has come and gone, and I still managed to miss the entire program. I really need to get back into the swing of watching that show, but I kind of feel a little betrayed now that they have felt the need to stop showing everything for a couple of weeks while NBC decides if they are going to continue on the series (Last break. Still not over it).

Mainly the reason that I showed back up here is so that I can get a little break from a piece that I am writing for a writing contract. It is, at best, a contest between me and anyone who wants to enter. I am sure that for some reason I won’t end up getting in, but even if this article doesn’t get me into the next round or what have you I will just go ahead and post it on Varms. That way you can all suffer with it.

*Edit*Here is a link to the article.*End Edit*

Mainly I am just trying to kill enough time that I have the will power to go back at the piece and give it a once over again. Make sure that everything is in place as much as it can be before I submit it. Very borrowing process called “reproof reading” mainly done for people who have almost no self-confidence. Someone like me.

No Doodlebops today. Twice the dose tomorrow though.