Day after Valentines

To say that today has been stressful is pretty on spot.  I am trying to get this writing something everyday things down, while trying to make it look like I am looking for a job (varms has a new article).  Good for me, right?

The writing contest that I entered myself in is closed for submissions today, but that doesn’t really mean that people can stop voting on it.  The more that I look at the entire voting process the worst that I feel about the entire experience.  I know that I am a good writer, but everyone there pretty much just goes around and gives everyone who is not them a 1 or lower.  I know that this is a competition after all, but this is supposed to be based on merit not on how much of a dick you can be.

Don’t think that it really matters though, the way that things look right now I think I have cleared the first stage.  Hopefully that means I don’t have to worry until sometime during the next phase, which is about a month and a half away.

I played a ton of Final Fantasy 12 today.  I was pretty annoyed by the “guild” quests that I ended up doing.   Most of them consisted of going 15 minutes out of my way and then dying.  One of them that I took at the beginning of the game is still kicking my ass.  I don’t know if it is just that they want you to have uber powerful characters or if there is just something that I am missing.  I don’t think it is the latter, and the former just means that I am going to have to come back later in the game to do anything interesting.

No strange pictures today.  I am just thinking about the bed and how wonderful that will be.