Writer’s Block

It isn’t so much of a “block” as “can’t force myself to do anything. Just in a really weird space right now. I am sure that it will pass in a bit. Don’t worry, random readers who aren’t here just to throw all kinds of spam on my page, I will be back to writing things that are entirely too long for anyone to really care about. Just you watch.

Tonight is Heroes Monday, which pretty much means that tomorrow I will probably have some kind of really long discussion about what the hell has been going on this season on Heroes. (Seriously though, am I the only one that feels like the entire show has kind of changed the way that it has been paced since they started it back up?)

I really need to end this quickly:

So needless to say I found another doodlebops thing for everyone. I am pretty damn sure that the “get on the bus” is the main theme for the show. My only real question is this, why is the bus driver a main character? I mean, really now, the bus driver? Most good bands might bring the guy back stage to hangout, let him join the party, get him in on the action, things like that. The doodlebops go one step further and make the guy a main character in the theme song?

This is also a new version of that song, Bob the driver (who might be a robot) doesn’t stop what he is doing to break dance, and they have a new transformer as a bus. I don’t know what is up with the field that they seem to lay down behind the bus, but my guess is that it is some kind of inter-dimensional space warp that brings them back to were ever it is that doodlebops come from. Probably some far off galaxy were they have plans to corrupt children’s minds with song and dance.

Damn them.