Trying to make sure that this doesn’t fall into just another blog category.

To say that I have pretty much been against blogs for the longest time, pretty much started yelling at almost anyone who even went so far as to bring up the fact that they had a blog in front of my is kind of saying a lot.  I don’t really think that the Internet is the place that people really need to be telling everyone else in the world just how they really feel deep down in side and everything like that.  I mean, this is my second website and I am going to be pointing out a lot of things that go on here and everything.

What I thought that I would really like to do with this blog is be the down time on the writing while I fill out the second one and make a go at this professional writing thing.  A place that I can come once or so a day and just kind of writing something that I know isn’t going to be very good, something that I don’t really need to care how long it it is, something that I can just kind of throw out there.

That is correct, if you hated varms because of how bad that place is, this is probably going to be like three times worse then that.

If, for some reason, you know what you are doing with wordpress and you can see that this site pretty much looks just like every other wordpress site out there, I am sorry, give me some time, I promise that I will update that for you.  It will get better.