Crackdown is officially the game of choice. It is nice to know that after this entire time of slogging through games that I just longed to beat, but couldn’t bring myself to finish, I finally found one that brought me all the way through to the other side. Now all I long to do is sit down with it and find all of the remaining achievements that seem to escape me.
Speaking of Achievements, it turns out that there is a video floating around youtube (are you surprised) showcasing how to do some of the harder goals in the game. I was only really having problems with one of them but now I know how to do several others.

Crackdown has not only spawned an army of videos, links, and people just looking to do crazy things, now it has its own wiki. God Bless the Internet. You can go in and find anything that there is to know about Crackdown, edit things that are wrong, and learn things that no one had any reason to know. This is the kind of thing that the Internet was made for. Blatant spreading of information that no one really needs.

The game does not really need that much information. It barely warrants a FAQ. I managed to beat the game in two days (also known as 17 hours for all of you out there who have “jobs”) but only twice through the entire game did I really ever feel stuck. Some of that reasoning might have been that those were the bosses that just seemed to break the mold of what the “run and gun” state was for the rest of the game. Almost ever single boss that was spread through the game was surrounded by armies of guys who wanted nothing more then to be used as cannon fodder. This wasn’t a weakness, this was game design. So when there were the random bosses that required you to blow up three oil values to get them out of a building I kind of struggled to find the logic behind why they broke the feel of the rest of the game.

I always find myself going off on these negative tangents about things, but the game was really good.

Finding myself thinking more and more about Virtual Fighter 5. I can entirely see it being one of those games that everyone goes out of their way to pick up to be the best at, going over to their friends house most nights of the week to see how they are progressing in it, and to mix it up.

The only problem with it is that you can’t save your file to anything and bring it anywhere. The characters in the game are so customizable that you can’t even recognize some of the people after you are done with all of the mods. Changing from one jacket to another, total hair style changes, the only thing that remains the same after awhile is the core height and body. But I can’t save this and show it to my friends, which doesn’t really matter because I am the only one with a PS3.