What I really wanted for Christmas

So through a series of events I was able to land myself a PS3 on launch.  That is great and everything, but there were 0 games out for it.  I ended up picking up Resistance mainly because it was the only game on the system that was worth even owning, according to most of the gaming press (which only said that because they didn’t want hordes of fanboys to storm there building throwing steaming piles of PSP’s that SONY was handing out.  The game really wasn’t that good at all).  I played through what would probably amount to less then half of the game, played the multiplayer areas maybe three times, and then just filed the entire thing away to be hopefully forgotten due to the sands of time.

What came out less then a week ago has changed the entire way that I look at the system.  Vitrual Fighter 5 came out with a kind of mild success that could only be brought in those awkward moments when you know that you are one of 8 people in the world who own a system.

The game itself doesn’t seem to have changed at all.   The only things that have been added since last time are that there are two new characters (El Blaze and Eileen).  Everything is pretty much the same, but only modified.  Arcade mode, check.  Quest mode, check.  The dojo that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything and vastly leaves you confused as to what is going on, check.

Turning on the game for the first time gives you the option to load the entire game onto the  harddrive.  Awesome that it pretty much means that the only time that the game shows any amount of load time is when you first start it.  After that matches pretty much start within three to five seconds, amazing if you look at the level of detail that has been put into everything.

The quest mode seems kind of oddly easy.  I don’t know if this is because I have been doing nothing else besides practicing with my near “making a living off of my video game fighting tournament winnings” friend, or that the game itself is just easier.

Overall the game is amazing.  If you own a PS3 you finally have a reason to show it off to all of your friends without secretly feeling bad about yourself.  If you don’t… Well that clearly just sucks to be you.