Gaming Because I Can

From the minor set back of not being able to sleep, to the horrible one of the illness that I came down with this weekend, to having to move my entire apartment on what can only be described as a whim of my girlfriend, it has been a rather rough week for gaming.  That isn’t to say that I didn’t manage to level up my warlock, and I didn’t manage to get a couple hundred more achievement points.  What it does mean is that most of my time was spent on the DS.

While this does explain the long time since my last update, it does not explain why the hell I still find myself updating after midnight.  It could be that this is the time before I find myself wandering off to bed.  It could be that this is the only time that my friends finally leave me alone.  Hopefully it is because this is when I have time to get away from all the other writing that I am doing during the day.  Whatever it is, at least I am coming back to this page time and time again.

Someone needs to be proud.

Speaking of being proud of myself, I am damn happy that I managed to land a free copy of Final Fantasy 5.  Not only is it long enough to hold my attention to whatever it is that the character seem to be rambling about at that moment, but it has officially made its way from portable type trips only to living room fun.  What started out as something to do when I am waiting for this or that, or riding from here to there, gaining maybe a level or two, has turned into a full fledged effort to get the best armor, make all my characters useful, and finally figuring out why the hell I care about everything that I very slowly taking its time to make me care about what is happening.

I played this game before, years before, on an emulator.  When I would get a new job class I would turn the system on the highest speed setting and keep battle enemies until I had the entire thing maxed.  As strange as this sounds it made the game rather easy, but really boring.  I kind of found myself doing almost the same things that I am doing now with the characters that I have, picking a balanced party and giving most of them healing spells that they can toss back and forth at each other when things start to get “too real” for them.

I know this is probably doodlebopless and boring for all of you.  Don’t worry, just need to finish proofing a varms article in the morning and you will have what you need.