Finishing the achievement race

The X-Box rewards site is finished in about a month, meaning that somewhere out there is several hundred copies of Fuzion Frenzy 2 floating around.  Copies, mind you, that are not mine, and will never be mine.  Why? Because I took my time playing games that I “wanted” to play.  I have since learned my lesson.

Cabela’s African Safari must be one of the worst things that has ever been done by man kind.  The tutorial walks you through every step, then just dumps you in the middle of nothing and expects you to understand everything things that it never explained.  They aren’t hard, but the point is that they require you to read.  Reading is a weird concept in a game that is geared to people who couldn’t finish the third grade.

I did have a problem with the game, twice.  The first was a friend told me that the game directed you every time you hit a goal mark during a tracking mission.  This is untrue, but it does point you directly to it, with words, which are randomly shoved off the screen to remind you to not kill the wild dogs attacking you.  The second is when I was gored by a rhino.  Common sense is so removed from this game that “I guess that a rhino could gore me,” did come out of my mouth.  Neat.

M*A*S*H is possibly the best shows ever made, but interestingly enough it is almost impossible to write anything that resembles a blog entry, or anything that would give anyone any kind of entertainment while you are watching it.  Probably because it is so awesomely distracting, but also because I haven’t written anything in almost a week, so it is kind of hard to get back out of the rut so that you have something that you can show, at least yourself.  I do have a massive short story that I am almost done with.  Hopefully I can sell it for a nice amount.

Kristy Allen is the new Anna Nicole.