Playing catch up with gaming

I haven’t updated in awhile, not because I don’t want to, just because I am trying to get all of my thoughts together, feel good enough that I can have thoughts that make a kind of a sense, and gather enough information to get several articles underway. Also writing on my laptop that likes to place the mouse at random places in the screen and an Internet connection that could only be described as “hopefully random” doesn’t really boast things towards the goal of me really digging what I am doing at the minute. But for all fifty of you who stumble on the page because I mention Crackdown, Armored Core 4, or VF5, thank you for staying long enough that I can finish some kind of thought.

Duke Nukem has finally made another appearance, on the DS, as a port. Several very hard working college students have gone out of their way to make sure that you can run the original game without much effort.

Sony is going out of their way to declare the PS3 a success, not as a gaming unit mind you, but as the next generation of DVD player. It doesn’t really matter if Blu-ray is selling more then HD-DVD at this point, neither one of the companies has really stated if they are making any kind of profit off of either of the formats. As far as I am concerned this is like arguing that the Dreamcast outsold the Neo-Geo last month(that lost 16 dollars, true story), but not discussing the fact that neither one of those items are really what I would consider a commercial success. For the most part this report just leaves complete room for wild (namely my) speculation into the matter. This probably isn’t more people buying blu-ray DVD players and getting really into the format. This is husband’s trying to convince their wives that they didn’t make a mistake by buying a 600 dollars system, and then having that reason them into buying a 2500 dollar T.V. This just kind of feels like a backlash from the Christmas holiday of people having a system that plays Vitrua Fighter and… DVDs.

To end things the way that the meat of the blog took up… Sony still has problems coming up with something that I would call “a consistent message they want their users to unite around when they buy their system”.

I guess that a hot chick taking a dump is living… But… why?