Remember the fact that it is free to increase cool factor

One of the few (good) childhood memories I have of my brother and I hanging out and not fighting about something is when we would play Super R-Type on the SNES (you can tell it is for the Super Nintendo because every game that came out for that system had the word “Super” stabbed in front of it).  So when we got these really awesome pre-order items for the rather sub-par R-Type Command I was more than happy to take one of those toys home.

One problem:

Zoom in for further worthlessness

The instructions are one of the worst that I have ever seen in my life.  For the most part they don’t “instruct” anything, just give vague hints on how things could be put together with a finished product showing how it will look when it is done.  Add to that that none of the parts are labeled and halfway through the point that “some filing may need to be done to all parts to make any of them fit” makes me think they put no effort into any of this.

Oh, and steps 8 and 9 are exactly the same.