The Fourth, One week later

He is filled with excitement and fear!

Oh how I do enjoy my home town on the Fourth of July.  Not because of any one grand thing that makes it entirely better than any other place on the planet, only because it has gone well beyond time honored tradition and jumped into the realm of  doing the same exact thing every year, and doing it well.

Side note: You know you are a local in Jay when you can identify people/cars from a random picture.

It gets busier.

Case in point, I can name no less than five people in this picture. And that is at this shrunken size too.

People come far and wide to rejoice in how well the people of Jay can hold their booze.  Well, it could be that or a combination of it being the only place on the Fourth that has a beer tent within half an hour of most of the people here.  All things are a factor.

Isn’t she beautiful?

The first time that I brought Veronica to the Fourth she looked at me for several minutes and finally said “You look forward to this all year?”  Needless to say many of you can understand why the beginning of our relationship was a tough time on everyone involved.  I am now proud to say that it is currently the highlight of her year, as well as one of the few times that I can honestly say I got her to deliver both fried dough and a sausage laden with peppers and onions to me, in public, while drinking.

If you don’t become confused by this picture, you might be a redneck.

From the mouth of Jordan, “Wait, you weren’t making the part about the poll up?”

Screw the fireworks, you guys got an update on that recently and probably don’t want any more pictures of that, the more interesting thing is drunken strangers trying to climb a greased poll for the chance at splitting fifty dollars.

They do this all day, but exceedingly more at night when 1000% more drunk.

Quick aside from childhood:  I went to the fourth with a friend of mine once, when I was very young.  He went through great lengths convincing me of the riches that could be mine if I managed to be part of the human ladder that climbs the poll.  He tried to form inferences of things that I could buy with my share of the cash, that really mattered less to me than the possibility that I might get all the money.  I mean most of the other attempting were adults after all, they had jobs and didn’t need money.

So when a group of people finally got together to start climbing I was the second person up, standing on some random guys shoulders.  We made it one higher than me, and when the next person tried to climb ontop of that person they had something that resembled a beer induced “grand mal seizure” and caused not only themselves, but the person on top of me to fall.

When you are attempting this kind of thing you try to believe that the cheers of the crowd are for you, but when you are laying on the ground with a series of strangers laying on top of you you quickly learn from their laughter that they were cheer for seizure boy to bring you all down.

With this lesson firmly under my belt I can gladly say that I love watching those drunks fall.