Geek Awards

Awesomely expensive!

So I am a giant, massive geek.  I don’t think that anyone who comes to this blog with any amount of frequency would deny that.  The problem is that there are even bigger geeks than I, and these people always seem to have entirely too much money at any given time.

The beer mug above is a perfect example of this:  coming in either Horde or Alliance designs it allows you to drink while still telling everyone “I am very proud of my level 70 Draeni Shadow Priest”.  The secondary purpose it more clouded, but all those who are present will know, that the person holding it has officially won as a geek and should be feared for their waxing grasp on reality.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally want one.  The only problem is that they are priced at 70 dollars (free shipping if you buy two or more though) and at that price I am more of a “drinking straight from the bottle” kind of guy.