Yet another reason I am leaving my job

I normally go into work and field all kind of really stupid questions throughout the entire day. The standard kind of people who can’t figure out how to install ram, a hard drive, or turn on their computer without formatting it (it has happened).

Today this guy walks in, this is the story:

This guy walks in with a Dell.  He looks me straight in the eyes and tells me that it stopped working when he installed his wireless card.  I should have noticed something wrong right then.  The side panel won’t stay on for some reason.


Mainly it was because the antenna for the wireless card is sticking out so far it won’t fit on.  I sit there and stare at the computer for a minute and tell him that I can tell him what is wrong right now, the card is in backwards.  He looks at me and asks if I can fix it.  I ask if he has turned the computer on.  He says yes and when he did there was a blue puff of smoke.  I tell him that the unit is blown and that there is nothing that I can do.

We are quite for some time.

He then looks around and asks what should he do.  I tell him buy a new computer.  He asks if there is anything I can take this in for.  Sure, a diag (normally when you don’t know what is wrong with the computer).  He asks me if I could do that for him.  I stare at him and tell him I know what is wrong and that it can’t be fixed.

He insists.

I tell him I can do it, but all services are none refundable.

That man lost 70 dollars, a computer, and a wifi card.  I feel terrible.