Quick Update from the Front

Just wanted to come back and make sure that you all understood that I am indeed moving my ass around and trying to come up with some kind of travel log for you all to enjoy.  I know that earlier I promised video and everything.  It is important to remember that not only am I new at this, but I also am fighting with dead batteries and my computer to make sure that everything works.  Also, I haven’t really traveled much in the last couple of years.

Right now I am in Florida and just hanging out.  The difference from New York to here is like stepping out of the freezer and into a room that doesn’t pain you to be in.  It is early enough in the season that the bugs aren’t really out, late enough that you don’t have to worry about mother nature throwing death at you, and mild enough that it doesn’t pain you to think about leaving the house/office.

On a side/interesting note, I just want to point out the car that we are driving around at the moment:

Flogging Molly