Izuna, Lunar Knights, and 14 Year-Olds that look 20

Veronica tells me the other day that her sister, who lives all the way back in New York, is going to be down in Florida for Easter.  I try to acknowledge the fact that she spoke, because what I have learned from personal experience is that if you don’t, they get angry.  Several minutes later she comes back into the room and brings up the fact that her sister in going to be in the same state at us, I stop what I am doing this time, making sure that she knows that I heard her the first time (as not to get in trouble for ignoring her), and tell her I know this fact because she just said it.  Several minutes later she comes in and says it again, but this time adding that she is going to be just 200 plus miles away from us.  “Oh!  Well, if she is going to be that close we should drive three hours to see her then.”

So, yeah, we drove three hours to see her family yesterday.

I got out of driving the any of the distance because of a completely unrelated event that has nothing to do with this story.  I won’t tell that part of the story mainly because it is long and really boring.  But the fact I didn’t drive brings me to the next point of video games.

Izuna is exactly the kind of game that I didn’t need in my life.  That mainly means that it is something that I will never get around to beating, and will probably only ever finish the main quest of the game through some kind of great difficulty or amazingly long trip (hey, I have like six of those coming up).  Basically you entire the dungeon, which is random every time, and when and if you die you are warped out of the dungeon, back to town, and you lose all your items.  If you turn off the game in a dungeon it is counted as a death.  You only get one save file, and the game likes to make you feel like there is never going to be an end (I have learned these games are called rougelikes, but that sounds really dumb and don’t want to call it that).  It is fun, and a great game to travel with when you really need something to do while you are listening to your iPod and ignoring the driver of the car.

Lunar Knights is the exact oposite of Izuna.  Everything is planned, you almost always know what is going to happen next, and the characters level up along a strike set of lines that you can almost see.  It is, in all ways your standard action-rpg.

Did I mention that Kojima designed it?  The guy behind Metal Gear does these really interesting handheld games that almost always deal directly with finding vampires and destroying their very souls.  This is probably the best game that I have played on a portable system in years.

After all the fun and awesome times with games was done, though, I got to Veronica’s step-sister’s father’s house (No relation at all to veronica).  And was treated to a half naked girl running around.  I looked at my girlfriend and said in passing, “Was that the 14 year-old that you were talking about?”  Veronica nodded and forced me to go in.  Turns out that the night before they had just gottent back from drinking at “some random guy’s house”.  A-Class all the way.