Behold the future!

Veronica and I went to her parent’s place down south for Thanksgiving.  This is pretty cool because we don’t really get a lot of chances to see her entire family that much.  For most people Thanksgiving is all about the turkey, or in Veronica’s family the weird corn dish they seem to love.  For me it is about going outside and hanging out in their garage.

This isn’t becuase I hate being around her family or anything, as a matter of fact most of them seem to end up hanging out there at one point or another during the night.  The real reason is how Veronica the entire place is.  Just being out there gives her a sense of place, kind of like showing where she came from.  Also why everything in our house always ends up in the same exact spot.

It should be noted that when people visit my parents house they have one of two reactions:

1: Huh

2: “These people where so nice to take you in after you wandered out of the woods you strange, weird man.”

Comments 2

  • Notice the OCD Track Lighting, & The Duck Tape labels on the tool boxes…Yes what the label says, is actually in the box! And yes if you move Dad’s tools, he can tell! The scary part is that this is what is left after him having mora then one garage sale. Ahhh… I feel so at home in that garage!!