Pig Roast 2009

No wives, they where off being more important this year

So the Gillman Family Pig Roast 2009 is over, and this is the first time since then that I have had a day off and not been hung over enough to report on the events.  So here we go:

I should probably start with the traditional family picture, as seen above.  This one was grabbed from my brother’s Flickr account, the one where he shows off how he should be a professional photographer instead of whatever it is that he does, mainly because the one I had was taken from my phone and I was a little too “blurry” to put it on setting that anyone could take a picture with, in any state of mind.  Needless to say we are using Matt’s clearly better picture this year.

Chris and his crew

That isn’t to say that I didn’t manage to get some serviceable pictures during the course of the day.

I always find it interesting when people have come to enough Roasts that they start bringing other people, a good example of this is Chris (pictured standing above on the right).  Chris, a long time Gillman family friend, had a couple of friends of his from college show up.  For me this is entirely what the event is about, everyone being welcome at all times.  Hopefully Chris’s friends had a good enough time that they will come next year, or even the year after, they will show up with a couple of their friends extending the festivities out further (my goal is to one day make this a national holiday).  There are only two rules at the Pig Roast, you are always invited until you are told point blank not to come (a rule that is not in effect for any person on Earth at this moment) and it is Potluck, so bring something.

This is one of my favorite Pig Roasts ever, mainly because my Grandmother decided to show up, something that has not happened in several years.  Readers of the site will know how much I think of that woman, and thus know how happy I was to see her.  Oddly my aunt Amy showed up with her as well.  While not strange enough I had a second aunt, Betsy, show up almost out of the blue with her husband.  This marked the first Pig roast for both of them, but hopefully not the last. Although it was enough to make me wonder what other random people I know would be popping up from nowhere to have a good time.

So readers, I guess this leaves the question to you, do you have any good stories of the roast that you would like to share?  Any that are worth sharing but seem a little out of focus?

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  • The Pig Roast was an amazingly fun event. The very best part was being able to bring Grandma! It was a beautiful, sunny and warm afternoon to share with lots and lots of friends and family. What more could anyone ask?
    My fondest memory was of Daniel. Grandma decided upon the last bite of Paul’s chocolate cake, that it was time to leave. When Grandma decides, that’s it…. so I went quickly to tell Daniel of our imminent departure…. He was on the phone, and waved me off until he completed the conversation. I interrupted, telling him that Grandma was leaving. Without a second thought, Danny shut the phone, and immediately went to say good by to Grammie! That was super cute!
    As for your fall vacation…. COME TO MICHIGAN! We would love to show you around.
    Love always, Aunt Amy