Super Ultra Sammy!

Even Jackfrost agrees!

I was going to name the Sandwich “Sam-a-licous” but decided that I had been using the “a-licous” modifier to much in my day to day life recently.  Thus was born the Super Ultra Sammy!  Please note that the “!” is part of the name as well.

Earlier this week my parents cooked that giant ham made the journey back from the south with us.  It was amazing, hammy, and there was a ton of it.  There was so much of it, in fact, that my parents refused to let us leave their home without taking several large chunks of it with us.  The amount that we where forced to depart with seemed to be roughly the same as a normal “northern” ham, and that is what we left with, they still had about 5 times that amount kicking around.

Well this afternoon Veronica decided to go downstate for the weekend and see her family.  She left me with the normal instructions, “Don’t be an idiot,” and “Well, try to be less of an idiot then normal.” Although the one that kind of struck home with me, and probably the only one that I am going to do, was to eat the ham.  Deciding that those words should never, ever be ignored I set about forming the most yum-factory way to do so.  Thus the invention of possibly the best sandwich mankind has ever made, or at least the best one I have ever made and then eaten.

Although I am still not crazy on the name.  I am willing to take suggestions.

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