Away from Grandmother’s House We Have Gone

My Grandmother’s house has been sold.

I don’t have many people in my life who have been around very long that didn’t visit this house.  Most of my friends from High School forward almost went out of their way to make this place a staple of our trips down to Albany.  Mainly because if I was in the car it was a needed stop there if we where anywhere in the area so I could see my Grandmother, also because the house was always stocked with some kind of food (and free food is the life blood of any road trip). But all of that is over now.

While it is hard to say goodbye to this place where I have all of these wonderful memories, this one place where all my memories seem to be good, it is important to remember (at least for me) that it was just a place.  The reason that those memories where good and wonderful is because of my Grandmother, who is no longer with us.  Those memories will always be with me, even though both her and the house are now gone.

Although the selling of the house is still a story of its own, which I am going to stay as far away from as I can manage.

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  • This was priceless to me. thank you.

  • Grammie’s house will always be Grammie’s house, no matter who lives in it next. It is filled with wonderful memories of childhood, growing up, leaving and returning. I wish the new owners whoever they might be, to be as happy as we all are.