Halo is coming, can’t you feel it?

He’s ending this

Maybe it was just the time in my life when each Halo went out of their way and found me. I don’t know. I know that one spring break I spent the entire time ordering pizza at a friends house and yelling at everyone who had made the ten hour drive with me. We were supposed to be picking up women and hanging out at the beach, instead we went to the beach once, on the first day, and only had a set of girls scream at us from their hotel once. I am sure that if we were less into Halo and drinking liquor that entire week we might have been one of those Spring Breaks that MTV is so eager to throw up on the T.V.

Halo 2 managed to find me while I was just getting out of a terrible relationship, and finishing college and looking for a job were the constant reply to inquires for work were either “amazingly over-qualified” or “you are amazingly under qualified”, neither one of them were really true (both of which are things that employers always act like they want in a business. Either someone who knows so much about the job and other things that they will do nothing but help, or someone that they can teach the trade the right way, having a degree in the field so they know enough to learn, but not enough to be stuck in their ways). Halo 2 was there to comfort me at night, telling me that everything was going to be ok, and since I didn’t have a job or anything to go to the next day I could stay up all night playing and screaming only the most random things at people.

Some of the fun of Halo was not just making sure that you destroyed everyone that you fought against, it was making sure that they were confused as to what the hell you were doing in the mean time as well. I would leave my headset on broadcast, put it near a speaker, and just leave episodes of Kids in the Hall playing, not saying anything the entire time. Not only did it mess with their heads, but it also entertained.

I am a Philanthropist.