Disgaea Rocks

Is it wrong to have a game of the year that is the same game for the last four years? I don’t think so.

Four years later and I am still thinking about the game during every slow moment of any other game. I am still wishing that there was more in the game that I could unlock or beat. I wish that there was more story that I could go back to and enjoy again and again.

Then I remember that Disgaea 2 and Disgaea PSP are either out, or getting translated at some point in the near future. But then I find myself asking if I really want to sink another 400 hundred hours into a single game that no one can ever see the outcome of, ever (WoW not withstanding mainly because that isn’t so much a game as an addiction).

I don’t even feel shame when people ask me how many hours I have sunk into the game. I can answer them with two firm answers “Almost a month worth of solid time between all the sequels” (La Pucelle, Phantom Brave, Makai Kingdom, and Disgaea 2) and “Not nearly enough”.

I know I am kind of sounding like the fan boy that I am right now, but I just needed something to post. The gameplay is really deep, the plot makes you care about the characters, and for the love of God there is so much depth to any single item or character in the game that you can spend two hours making a healing item heal more.

Is the game insane? Yes. Is it the kind of candy colored crack that needs to be in the mouth of every person that I meet? Also yes.

I know I have issues, but the answer is always the same “more Disgaea”.