A Day of Rest?

After the experiences of the last post I thought that I might take it slow this time around and just do some weird candy and maybe a bowl of ramen.  Everyone should be happy to know that everything just couldn’t turn out that easy.

Hello Panda is a treat that I have had several times before and have always loved.  It is basically a biscuit that has chocolate inside, both of which are really light and fluffy and manage to just make you feel good for being alive.  They also come in strawberry filling, but we all know that chocolate is better at everything.

Probably the only thing that is really weird or unique about Hello Panda is that there are pandas doing weird things on them Printed on them.  Recently they have all of them doing some kind of sport, and while my memory is fuzzy on the topic I still don’t think it was always that way.  I think I recall one flying a plane, but that also seems stupid (more stupid than a panda playing tennis, I guess).

Bonus: Guess, without going back and counting, how many times I said panda in the last paragraph to win a prize!  Leave your answer in the comments.

Meet ramen.  I don’t even know what to call this one because it has zero English on it.  Everything, down to the nutrition listing, is in another language.  Before I opened it I thought to myself, “Hey good looking, that is probably beef flavored.  That is what all unknown ramen ends up being anyway.” And having decided it was going to be delicious like the last one I went to eat it.

This is the first time that I have ever seen ramen come with plastic anything, let alone a fork.  Clearly my knowledge of this stuff is rather limited too as this one comes with three packets of addings like the last one.  I played around with the brown stuff before opening it to convince myself that it was basically the same bag of beef as last time.  Convinced I started to add it.

“That looks like chilli powder,” Veronica said from behind me.  I am not sure if I responded, but if I did it was probably letting her know that I was a ramen expert, and it was clearly broth.

I hate it when she is right.

So after adding about a pound of chili powder to the mix, and cooking it I basically ended up with the hottest thing anyone has ever eaten.  At one point, while sweating like I was in a desert, on trial, with a wool jacket on, one of Veronica’s friends stopped by.  I don’t know if she wanted to prove me to be a wimp, or she wanted to be part of the pain or what, but she took a super small bite of one of the driest and cleanest noodles she could find.  She then spent the next 10 minutes drinking water.

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