So this is the last post about weird Asian food; mainly because all of the ramen I have is beef flavored, but also because Veronica basically gave me an “enough” speech today.  So now we end with the Shrimp Chips.

The first thing that should be mentioned about this product is the smell on opening the bag.  It is a flood of sea food that encompasses any room without a sealed door within 30 feet.  The stench is pretty heavy in the air for some time after too, I could have sworn that I smelt it until later in the evening when walking back into the living room. This also became my favorite game to play with people, pretty much because everyone has wised up to my game of asking them to eat things, of making them smell the bag and watching their reactions.

Although that is pretty much the only reaction that I got out of people because the chips don’t really taste like anything.  Think about eating a really old, well cooked,  french fry that has lost its flavor.  Take that image and add some kind of old greasy feel to it, like it used to have something on it a week ago but not really any more.  That is what eating one of these is like.  If you can picture all of that, picture about five minutes later having a faint and confusing taste of shrimp in your mouth.  Kind of weird how it manages to sneak in there after you forgot you ate something.

When I was starting to write this article I kept thinking that the bag said “Chips” and tried to explain that in my mind as the English term meaning french fries.  When I looked at the picture and it said crackers that kind of confused me even more.

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