Terrible Candy, American

I am guessing that Veronica’s mother found the last couple of updates entertaining, because she sent a large bag of food up with her daughter for me to “talk about on the site.”   The first thing eaten was the squirrels from the boxes, you get one guess to blame Veronica with.  I, on the other hand, was excited about the Veggie Tales candy; but only because I knew deep down it would be bad and I could throw it away after a quick taste.

Side story: When I graduated High School my best friend gave me a Veggie Tales video.  Her reasoning was that if I watched it I would stop calling the entire series “Stupid forgettable crap,” (I believe history has proven me correct) and received and entire total of 1 watching where I wondered what was so wrong with my choice in High School best friends.  That summer my aunt Amy brought her family to visit.  Being bored, as anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes at my parents house will tell you is a certainty, my youngest cousin started going through my movie collection for something to watch.  She produced the Veggie Tales tape, to which my mother replied “NO!” and slapped it from her hand.  Everyone was confused, but she continued to insist that it wasn’t Veggie Tales and they should all go outside.  Later, when I returned home, my youngest cousin asked me what was in the tape.  Confused I said, “The Best of Veggie Tales Songs?”  I still think that to this day my mom thinks that is code for HARD CORE PORNOGRAPHY.

So the only reason that I took a picture of the sandal is to show that it is filled with Jelly Beans.  Veronica said that they are rather good, but I have no basis for this as they where gone two hours after they arrived at the apartment.  My thought on them is that you have to be really fat to make your children have footwear that you can hide food in.

The rest of the candy was amazingly bad.  Veronica loved the peep-like ones, but they tasted like stale marshmallows with hard crunchy things on them.  The chocolate tasted like a piece of paper that someone wrote chocolate on, but really meant it.

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  • DANIEL. I think Veggie Tales are a wonderful series. I thought YOUR version of Veggie Tales would be inappropriate for young children. Yes, Porn. It’s not like I didn’t have something to base this on. I did not want to ruin Linda’s childhood.

  • hahahahahahahahahah True.

  • I don’t know, Marylou…It seems completely within context, to me, for Dan to have a genuine copy of Veggie Tales as a late teenager.

  • I don’t think your heart was in your writing here. I will wait for the next

  • I did like the side story, go mom