Game News Grinds to a Halt

When the biggest news on the horizon is that eBay, once again, wants to have people stop selling virtual items and articles saying that Bungie hates their cash cow Halo it is officially the dead season.

Rouge Galaxy, Virtual Fighter 5, Crackdown, and I guess Wii Play (not counting the rumored release of Heavenly Sword in March) are all coming out in the next month (If you didn’t pick up the common thread they are all games that were due out during the holiday season but didn’t make it for some reason). After that you have the slow pick up of the summer release leading into next year.

This is the time of the year that I normally pick up all of the games that I bought in the last four months and start playing through them with the gusto that they should each get.  Today I started working on Viva Pinata (Interestingly enough I forgot how to play).  As I look at the shelves of games that are littering my room I feel both very happy and very sad.  Among the shinning light of new friends with new tales I am again shocked with the experience of last year and how little I managed to not finish.

Last year I vowed that I would play more WoW.  Last year I promised that I would experience all of Oblivion.  Last year I said that I would become very good in first person shooting, starting with Battlefield 2.  Last year I said that I would play through all my old games that I hadn’t beaten to see the ending.  This is all last year before new games came out.

Now I am promising that I will make a character powerful enough to one hit prinny Bal.  I swore I would get all achievement points in Dead Rising, Viva Pinata, Test Drive Unlimited, and Lost Planet.  I am required by gamer law to beat Zelda.  I need to make an attempt to change my DS games into ones that I haven’t seen, and still pick up all of the rare ones that one should really play through.  All of this and not to mention that I am going to play at least 20 hours of World of Warcraft a week to make sure my character gets to 70 soon.

I need to do all of this while maintaining this blog, updating Varms with interesting and meaningful articles that make me look like a writer with talent, looking for a new job (that hopefully involves me writing, has health insurance, and lets me make more then my girlfriend), and updating a couple other places to land myself more “street credit”.  Thankfully my managers are letting me take all of my sick and vacation time from the job that I am currently leaving to become a better writer.

So, after most of this exercise in finding out what it is to be a writer bull I am going to start getting my short stories published.  Why?  Because I know I have what it takes.  Also I have two and a half full years of college to fall back on to send out for publication.  That way I can take it easy while I am selling work that I wrote four years ago.


Just so you all know, we have this computer at work that is refered to as “The Demon background”.  Just to give you a taste of what greats you as you start it up I have included the previous image.  I know that most of you never really did anything to me, but you might have.  I am still looking for the exact image that they used so I can fully show you all what kind of horrors I am leaving behind.