Countdown to E3

There they are everyone, my first set of business cards that I have ever needed.  For some reason being this close to 30 that sounds like a rather sad thing.

Next week I am going to a video game expo, both to cover things that happen there and to hopefully manage to beg my way into getting a job with one of the companies.  Thus the reasoning for getting business cards made.  Veronica’s idea, and one that after 10 seconds of thought I agree with, is that everyone else is going to be handing generic white pieces of paper, and mine will (hopefully) be one of the only ones that they get during the day with any amount of unique character.

So I went to pick up the cards today, from Staples (turns out you can design the entire thing online and just run into the store to pick them up.  Win one for the lazy guy), and when I got there the woman behind the count seemed to be rather impressed with the card.  We started going through the paperwork, mainly on how to reorder more and how to save even more on printing, when she noticed that there where about 20 glossy cards put to the side.  “Is that like a demo to show me other types of paper?” was my first question.

“No, they don’t normally do that. Ever.”  So hopefully at the very least the people at Staples thought the cards where cool.

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