The Lines of E3

What would this site be without me complaining about a minor detail of something that I, over all, really enjoyed?  Thus let me talk about the lines that where at E3.

The above image is when the workers at the convention center decided it would be nice to give all of the media free food.  The logic behind this has to be something to do with the fact that we should have been running around the place for meetings and racking up a couple of miles while doing so (I, personally, got about 10 miles of walking in a day.  I know this because I have a Pokemon pedometer).  The problem came when there was no real order to the distribution of food, if you got into the media room you could take as much as you wanted.  This became an issue after almost right away as people would grab two or three lunches at a time.  By the last day there people where walking away with, I kid you not, nine lunches at a time.  It got to the point that if I didn’t get there 15 minutes early to crowd around the table there would be no food left.

The woman closest to the camera said something along the lines of “It is like feeding time at the zoo,” to which I wanted to say something very nasty to her.  I didn’t want to do this because she was wrong, but because I am sure that some of the people there would have eaten their children if they thought that they could get some extra time with the new Nintendo hand-held.

Thinking that the lines couldn’t have been that bad is a terrible, terrible thing to think.  I took this picture on the way to my first interview.  Keep in mind that this is the line to get on the bus to wait in line at the Sony Press conference.  I am sure there may have been another line in there, but I had a meeting to go to and gladly missed that line experience.  Pretty much anyone who waited in this line was going to get in, but people where walking up and down it looking for someone that they might know so they could get better seating, in a massive, massive theater that they could probably show two Imax movies at once in.

I can remember thinking, “It can’t always be this bad,” right around the time that I took this shot. It wasn’t, there is still room to walk around in when I took this.

The problem pretty much started with people who where at the convention who really shouldn’t have been there.  As fake of a gaming journalist as I am there where people who made entire sites based only to get themselves in, and that was the media.  There were people there who simply wrote very emotional letters to the people throwing the event on how much it would mean for them to go.  A couple of years ago E3 decided to cut everyone who really didn’t need to be there (oddly the site I write for didn’t get cut and we where still invited) and for some reason the companies there got angry. Maybe they felt they went to far?

The real problem comes that people could, and did, spend their entire day waiting in line to play five minutes of a game.  Most of the time these are games that are going to be out by the end of the year, most of the time the final version isn’t going to be anything like the game they are playing.  This might just sound like empty whining but when you go to something like this in hopes of being able to cover stuff, only to find out that regardless of how early you show up there is about 200 people in front that are going to run as fast as they can as soon as the doors open to wait in line for that any popular game you might have wanted to cover.

Although at the end of the day I did have an In and Out burger walking distance from my hotel.  Something so good the guys I was with went with me two days in a row.

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