Chang Who?

So this update was supposed to be here awhile ago, but we lost the camera.  After Veronica found it we then could not find the cord to connect it to the computer.  Yesterday she managed to find the cord.  If you haven’t noticed most of the things I lose in my life seem to be found by my wife.

After E3 I got an email from one of the companies I spoke to asking for my mailing address.  Having no idea why I just gave it out to them.  In hindsight that was probably a terrible idea, but there are very few scamers in the world that will pose as a small free-to-play MMORPG PR agent that I met briefly at a press conference and only ask for my mailing address.  Maybe it wasn’t that bad of an idea.

As you can see I ended up with a couple of mouse pads, t-shirts, a big fox stuffed animal (the mascot of the company), a smaller key chain based stuffed fox, a stuffed sheep, and what I assume to be left over bags from E3.  Nothing that people are going to bust down my door at night and steal, but still pretty cool to have mailed directly to you. Well… to my parents.  My uncle, who was up last week, was kind enough to bring it up when escaped the un-AC’ed world of my parents to hide at my always 60 degree apartment.

The box came with one of the best press releases that I have ever read.  It is written from the perspective of the sheep, who is named Zeep.  The entire thing is so saccharin that I am worried my uncle may have contracted Diabetes while bringing it.  Here are two choice lines, pretty much in context, from the release:

“I want you join me in my new game because it’s the beginning of my Exclusive Press Preview Week and because I love ewe! (My ears flutter every time I think of you!)”

Fair enough PR person, you have convinced me to play your game.  Not because of the stuff you sent, but because this is by far the best piece of PR that has been sent to me ever.  You win this time.

Oh, and this:

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