Welcome to the Gun Show

For those of you who haven’t been privy to details of my life since childhood I feel that, from time to time, there are a handful of things that I should point out. For reasons around this story I need to talk about my relationship with uncle Paul. When I was young the two of us seemed to have an unspoken agreement that we did not enjoy each other. This lasted until we where able to find some kind of common ground, as most of you have probably guessed this was beer.

Since we discovered this area of similar interest it is almost like we have been discovering how to speak the same language. Enter the trip to Michigan, which will be discussed in greater detail soon, on which one of the first things that he said to me was, “You are going to a gun show with me.”

One needs to take into consideration that as long as I have known this man I don’t think that he has ever been able to ask a question, mainly because they all oddly come out like commands. The gift of common dialect that beer has granted me though lets me understand that I can always say no to this kind of thing. Something that might surprise most of you, I kind of like guns.

The one thing that I need to point out about this picture is that directly next to Paul is a table full of crazy Nazi stuff. This is also the first table to the right of the door when you walk in, also known as pretty much the first thing that you see. Drop five dollars to go buy a cheap gun from a stranger and the first thing that you see is a guy, who oddly looks like he might also have some black market livers, sitting behind a table with things that at one point might be considered war crimes to own.

Two things about this: One, not the only guy with an entire table of Nazi stuff. Two, first gun show– sadly the best part happened to the right of the door.

Let me sum up the entire experience: Same exact crap at every single freakin’ table. It is like everyone decided that there where three types of things that you could sell, 1. guns, 2. really old guns, 3. things that would creep out most people who didn’t pay to get into the building. In all honesty the only times that it was ever interesting was when someone broke from the mold and decided to sell something else, like army surplus, or cutting boards, or random things that you may need to use for maintenance on your gun if you have owned it for over three years.

I really need to bring up that there where a couple of political tables set up as well; but I really don’t care how insane you are, if you are making your voting choices based on what you learned at a gun show you shouldn’t be able to vote.

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