The Halloween Party

Because timeliness is the most important thing to me, here is some Halloween content as Christmas is quickly approaching.

The more that I think about how odd it is that my Aunt and Uncle have a massive Party the weekend of Halloween the more that I am reminded that my family throws a slightly larger party because it is Labor Day.  Maybe it is best that I don’t give the way to much of a thought and just enjoy the fact that there were 12 feet of sandwich to attack during the entire course of the meal.  Also really decent beer.

Most other people probably remember the other people during the party, or the awesome decorations, maybe some of the costumes, but for me it was all about the 12 feet of sandwich.  If it was legal in any state I would have ran away with it and found a way to marry it.  The thing was so insanely big that at points I swore that it found a way to regenerate some of the mass that it had lost by people eating it.  It was magical.

But I should probably go ahead and mention the decorations as well, mainly because some of them contained food.

Every now and then my mom has some random and crazy idea that seems to come together perfectly well, thus the baby doll with a missing stomach.  I vaguely remember her walking in my Aunt’s door at one point saying something about picking them up at a tag sale.  It sounded like she had finally lost her mind and we would have to leave her in Michigan on the side of the road, fortunately it turns out it was a really creepy and awesome idea.

People also came dressed in costume.  I need to say this before I mention the fact that Rich decided that he was going to dress up… as… something…

I don’t know if the pictures can do any of this justice, but when he was sitting quietly out in the garden, smoking a cigarette I thought that he was some odd decoration that the Zimmer-People had put out.  What was really odd was when I was looking outside at the statue and it decided it wanted to take a drag off of its smoke.  I can’t say that I was scared, but I sure was confused.

I promise that I will talk about Halloween proper soon.

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