Learning the meaning of Sorrow

So, I wasn’t nearly as hardcore a gamer when I was a child. I would suspect that this would be true of any human, save possible Henry Rollins, that is that one should grow into being completely obsessed with things. If not you would have children that would clearly be METAL, through good choices and tattooing, and we would have much less to worry about in the world seeing as how the most pit problem common in most [imaginary] present day pre-schools would have worked out this entire problem of retarded adults who know enough not to O.D. on drugs that they can’t afford.

Somehow I went off on a massive tangent. This was supposed to be me complaining about not being able to play WoW.

I enjoy a good video game from time to time. And every now and then, in those time to times, I find myself in the grips of a game the way that a cheeto might feel in the grips of a really, really fat, hungry guy. World of Warcraft manages to be that game about 95% of my life. This is a good thing, because unlike a lot of the games that I find myself playing, mainly to write some kind of long winded review about some type of video game, this one is good.

Turns out, though, that since I decided that I would rather travel for the entire summer all across Europe that I really can’t get online a lot to play World of Warcraft, and by not a lot I mean that I won’t be able to play this all summer. I have internet access, but I guess that WoW uses one of the many ports in the world that people like to gain access to hack your computer, or at least that is the cause in Europe.

The good news is that the slim-line PS2 fits really, really well in a duffel bag and as Veronica proved today by tripping over it and sending it and a game, while on and loading, you really can’t destroy it. This is good because I had the foresight to bring a bunch of my closest friends (games) with me. This is also good because most of them fall onto the list of things that I have never finished, but really wanted to.

Site seeing be damned, my life is gaming.